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Mitchell A Price, D.C.

It's a scientific fact that your brain, spinal cord, and the rest of your nerves control every aspect of your body. Hinder the vital nerve links between your brain and your body, and ill health can result. A common source of interference comes from the moving bones that encase the "information superhighway" of your spinal cord.

This is where Price Chiropractic can help! Instead of the medical approach to care—using chemicals to eliminate the problem—chiropractic focuses on the cause of the problem. This focus centers on the integrity of the nervous system.

A thorough examination helps locate areas of nervous system compromise. The moving bones of the spine are common culprits. Specific chiropractic adjustments help reduce these interferences. The intent is to restore your body's ability to regulate and heal itself. Without drugs. Without surgery.

Chiropractic is simple. It's natural.
It honors the wisdom of your body.
And it has helped millions enjoy relief and
better health for more than a century.

Call Price Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment
and get back on the road to a pain-free life!

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